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Bekkering Adams architecten becomes:
Studio Adams & Juliette Bekkering architecten.

After 15 years of enjoying working together on many great projects, we will continue as two independent offices.

As Bekkering Adams architects we engaged on a variety of special projects such as School Campus Peer (Belgium); Head office Esprit Benelux in Amstelveen and Schuurman Group, Alkmaar; Urban ensemble ‘Bloemershof’ in Dieren; Firestation in Doetinchem; Installation ‘Form-ContraForm’ for the Biennale in Venice (Italy) and many more.

From January 2020 Monica Adams will operate under the name Studio Adams and Juliette Bekkering will combine her work at Eindhoven University of Technology (Tu/e) with her new office Juliette Bekkering architecten.

Studio Adams Juliette Bekkering architecten

  • location: Evere, Belgium
  • program: Primary School, Kindergarden, Sportcomplex and Playground
  • client: Municipality Evere
  • design: 2015-16
  • completed: 2017
  • design team: Bekkering Adams architects: Monica Adams, Juliette Bekkering, Frank de Vleeschhouwer, Karolina Wrzosowska De Bouwerij: Christian de Haas, Paul de Mulder


The design for the primary school in Evere is perceived as a green oasis in an urban setting.  The site is bordered on one side by a busy street,on the other side by an avenue lined with majestic trees. The area is connected to a leafy residential area with an open green structure.The new school has the potential to be a catalyst for the neighbourhood.Besides the regular classrooms,the design includes specific area ssuch as gym,library, health centre and workshops: a place where special events can occur and which can also be used after school-time; for sporting, painting- language- or computerclasses.

At the heart of the building a large central hall is situated, linked to the dining room. A large and generous staircase connects the different layers and can be used for different purposes such as meetings,(theatre) performances and celebrations. In and around this hall the common facilities are clustered. Here the children can tinker, read, learn, rest and play.

Special attention has been paid to sustainability, with optimal orientation of the classrooms, flooded with day-light, high insulation and all together forming a zero-carbon environment.

The playgrounds form an integral part of the design. The (enclosed) playgrounds add to the existing playgrounds in the area, with play-areas specifically designed for the different ages. The school aims to be not only a home for the children but also a real community centre for everyone, with interaction between the school and the neighbourhood.

The design has a recognizable identity and aspires to be an icon in the district, which radiates collectivity, promotes multiple use and provides an added value for the environment. The building has a variety of areas: large and small, high and low, open and sheltered, colourful and neutral: a building where the kids like to go to and also like to play after school. A school with its own "face’, particular and specific, which is distinguished by its open and accessible feel, forming a home for the children with a warm and homely atmosphere.


We are an internationally operating, dynamic and versatile architectural office, looking and working with an open mind towards our future society. Founded by Juliette Bekkering and Monica Adams, we share a fascination for enhancing the urban environment. With an enthusiastic team of architects and designers we work on innovative and sustainable projects with a strong identity, defined by expressive architecture with a tactile expression of material and detail.


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