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Bekkering Adams architecten becomes:
Studio Adams & Juliette Bekkering architecten.

After 15 years of enjoying working together on many great projects, we will continue as two independent offices.

As Bekkering Adams architects we engaged on a variety of special projects such as School Campus Peer (Belgium); Head office Esprit Benelux in Amstelveen and Schuurman Group, Alkmaar; Urban ensemble ‘Bloemershof’ in Dieren; Firestation in Doetinchem; Installation ‘Form-ContraForm’ for the Biennale in Venice (Italy) and many more.

From January 2020 Monica Adams will operate under the name Studio Adams and Juliette Bekkering will combine her work at Eindhoven University of Technology (Tu/e) with her new office Juliette Bekkering architecten.

Studio Adams Juliette Bekkering architecten

  • program: Design and prototype of a duo doorhandle
  • client: Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH + Co KG, FSB
  • design: 2006
  • design team: Monica Adams, Juliette Bekkering, Vincent Hector


A fully integrated duo doorhandle: the doorhandle as a transmitter of information from one space to another. The proposed doorhandle makes the additions of signs, keys and other information media superfluous. Either the name of the organization or the logo, the function of the room, the name of the user of the room is engraved in the stainless steel of the doorhandle and the back plate. Led lighting indicates that the chamber is in use, and the "do not disturb" signs are include in the design through the red and green lights in the back plate. All functions can be added so that each time a totally different and personalized design can be created, fully focused on the user's needs.



  • Duo Doorhandle: Genius doorhandle, in Arcade, January 2007

    download pdf
  • Nachrichtensender, in Klinken Paar, Newstransmitter in Duohandles, 2006

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We are an internationally operating, dynamic and versatile architectural office, looking and working with an open mind towards our future society. Founded by Juliette Bekkering and Monica Adams, we share a fascination for enhancing the urban environment. With an enthusiastic team of architects and designers we work on innovative and sustainable projects with a strong identity, defined by expressive architecture with a tactile expression of material and detail.


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